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Dr. Robert Zimmerman
Your Fort Saskatchewan Chiropractor

Patient Testimonial: Shirley L
   I was in a very serious work related accident about 10 years ago. Since that time, chiropractic care has been essential in my long and complicated recovery. I believe that I would still be in a wheel chair had I not made the decision to try chiropractic care. I knew continued chiropractic care would aid in my recovery and would keep me walking. I have recieved care from Dr. Oviatt over the years, and was referred to Zimmerman Chiropractic in December 2011. Within 6 weeks I was walking without a walker and no longer needed to use my wrist braces to drive. I felt confident with Zimmerman Chiropractic from the beginning. The staff are great and the office is very hospitable. When people notice the changes in my abilities and mood, I let them know about Chiropractic Care.
    -Shirley L

Patient Testimonial: Dwayne B
    I had mild to moderate back pain and weakness in my arms and legs for about 5 years when I decided to seek Chiropractic Treatment. I was ready for some relief and long term corrections. My first impression of the office was great. Not only did I recieve excellent professional treatment from Zimmerman Chiropractic, but recommendations for exercise, orthotics and weight loss. My results have been great. I have minimal pain now. I can fly and drive more comfortably and no longer have any issues holding my baby girl, which was one of my biggest concerns.
    I recommend Zimmerman Chiropractic to as many people as I can.
    -Dwayne B

Patient Testimonial: Wayne wayne.jpg
    In 2004 I was in a car accident that left me with a lot of neck and back pain. Like everyone else, I went to my family doctor and received medication for the pain. The medication helped alleviate the pain but did not fix the problem. I then began Physiotherapy treatment which helped fix the problem and treat the pain. I faithfully went to my appointments 2-3 times a week for about a year. A year later, the pain and stiffness returned.
    Five years later I still had pain, discomfort, and restrictions in my neck so I decided to go see a Chiropractor. In fact, I went to two different Chiropractors and received some relief, but nothing long-term. I then decided to come to Zimmerman Chiropractic to see if there was anything that they could do to help six years after the fact. I underwent 8 weeks of treatment, after about the third week of treatment and daily stretches I started to notice a big difference. I now have got full motion in my neck and little to no pain in my back and neck. I whole heartedly recommend Dr.Zimmerman to anyone that has pain or restrictions in their neck or back.
    Thank you Dr.Zimmerman!!
    -Wayne O.

Patient Testimonial: Ian
    Chiropractic did what neither my dentist nor MD could! I had a sore jaw and teeth and the whole right side of my face hurt and was painful to distraction. Neither my dentist or MD could find the problem. I was referred to Dr. Zimmerman by one of his patients who thought that my problems could be from subluxations in my spine. I had doubts big time about chiropractic but I had an excellent impression right from the start. Dr. Zimmerman recommended x-rays of my neck and back and I found out that my neck had lost it’s natural curvature, causing pinching of nerves. After only one or two adjustments my pain was completely gone and has not returned for over a year. I am now a huge fan of chiropractic and Dr. Zimmerman and have told 20-30 people about chiropractic!
    Thank you, Dr. Bob.
    -Ian Hope

Patient Testimonial: M.M.
    I was off work for two years due to severe pain in my lower back and leg. I had seen a chiropractor two years ago for severe pain in my lower back and right leg and the pain subsided for a short time and then returned. My mother and brother urged me to see Dr. Zimmerman and my first impression was very relaxed and positive. My pain is mostly gone and Dr. Zimmerman has recommended not only chiropractic care, but nutrition and physical activity to help me get back to work. I now understand much more about chiropractic and how important it is to be subluxation free for quality of life and total wellness.
    Thank you, Dr. Bob.

Patient Testimonial: Dawn B.
    Addiction overcome With Chiropractic Care at Zimmerman Chiropractic:
    I was taking Flexeril, Supadol, Tylenol 3 and Tylenol 4 and was addicted to pain killers for the pain in my back and legs. My legs and feet would feel like they were burning with numbness and the pain scale would reach the 9/10 . I tried physio which did not help at all and I did not want surgery. Dr. Zimmerman has made me feel very comfortable and at ease and recommended regular chiropractic treatments and home exercises. The results have been fantastic in very little time and I have averted surgery and have gone off prescription pain killers. I plan to maintain my health with continued care and am training to go back to work.
    Thank you, Dr. Bob
    -Dawne B.

Patient Testimonial: Ivan T.
    I can’t wait to get up in the morning and go to the office (Dr. Zimmerman’s Office)!
    My mother had tears in her eyes when she saw how much better I looked and that for the first time in years I actually could stand up straight. My wife couldn’t believe it when I fell right to sleep and slept solid all night with only one pillow after only a few adjustments. For over three years I had severe pain in my neck and shoulders and was unable to lay flat on my back and I walked bent forward and could not straighten up. The office has made me feel so welcome and they sincerely care for each patient and the patient’s health and well being. I have recommended Dr. Zimmerman and Zimmerman Chiropractic to others.
    Thank you, Dr.. Bob
    -Ivan T

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