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Understanding Human Biomechanics

  • The joints and muscles of the body function most efficiently when they are in physical footlevelers3.jpg balance.
  • The body is a biomechanical kinetic chain where abnormal movements at one link, or joint, can interfere with proper movements at other joints.
  • During standing and walking,our bodies are subjected to natural forces and postures that can inflict mechanical stress and strain throughout the interrelated chain of joints and muscles.
  • When foot imbalance is present, there is a negative impact on the knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. Some patients must have these abnormal forces reduced before they can achieve improved spinal function.

Improper Balance & Function of the Feet Can Lead To:

  • Excessive rotation of the tibia and femur, stressing the knee and twisting the pelvis and spine.
  • Tilting of the pelvis which places tension on muscles and connective tissues, eventually resulting in chronic back problems.
  • High levels of heel-strike shock from breakdown of the body’s natural shock absorbers. The shock wave then transmits up the kinetic chain, resulting in painful symptoms up to the head, slowed recovery of leg and spine injuries, and aggravation of other conditions.

Benefits of Stabilizer Use

  • Properly fitted Spinal Pelvic Stabilizerssupport the foot to control excessivepronation and supination,preventing unwanted stress onthe body.
  • Limiting functional hypermobility helps chiropractic adjustments hold longer and increases the effectiveness of care.
  • Improved shock absorption reduces repetitive stress on joints and muscles, permitting smoother function and decreasing arthritic symptoms.
  • Use of Stabilizers represents a long-term, yet cost-effective intervention for many types of functional and structural problems.

How Stabilizers Work

  • Wearing Stabilizers inside shoes is similar to placing a shim beneath the leg of a wobbly table: it addssupport to eliminate unwanted motion in the entire structure.
  • The foot is formed of three distinct arches, which create an architectural vault. The result of supporting these three arches is improved stability and postural integrity.
  • Flexible Stabilizers encourage optimal muscle and nerve function by guiding the feet through a more normal pattern with each step taken.

About Foot Levelers’Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers

  • Foot Levelers, Inc., a leading supplier for over 50years, creates custom-made, flexible Spinal PelvicStabilizers to match each patient’s unique needs.
  • Using weightbearing impression images of the feet in the position of function (either from a foam casting kit or on our digital scanner), along with instructions from the healthcare professional, skilled laboratory technicians create unique Stabilizers designed to correct and support areas of weakness.
  • The combination of flexible, yet supportive and durable construction materials ensure that the Stabilizers will both guide the feet when walking and provide support during long periods of standing.
  • Unlike other stabilizing technologies which use rigid materials to force the feet into a theoretical ideal position and may result in muscle atrophy and abnormal nerve proprioception, Foot Levelers’ Stabilizers allow controlled, supported movement for the dynamic human body.

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