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Orthotic Scanning:
Zimmerman Chiropractic provides a 3D computer scan of each patient’s feet as part of their postural exam to help determine balance points, pronation or supination of the feet. Orthotic use has been found to be extremely helpful, not only to help foot pain, but to maintain optimal spinal and postural balance. The sophisticated computer scan may be sent immediately to the orthotic manufacturer where state of the art orthotics are made and shipped directly to Zimmerman Chiropractic Offices for proper fitting and instructions on use.

Interferential Therapy:
The clinical application of interferential therapy is based on peripheral nerve stimulation for pain relief, muscle stimulation, increased local blood flow and reduction of edema. Our interferential therapy machine is the standard used in most hospitals and physiotherapy centers.

Intersegmental Traction Machine:
The Intersegmental Traction Machine is also affectionately called the “Wave Table” and is utilized pre-adjustments to aid in the relaxation of the spine, muscles and ligaments.

Therapy Area:
Zimmerman Chiropractic is proud of our vision of health and wellness for our community and one small step towards our vision is assisting our patients with a low stress stretching and exercise program designed to improve posture, neurological receptors and balance. Staff will assist designing individual programs for your specific needs.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method:
The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a Lifestyle Building-Lifestyle Living Program involving weight loss targeting fat loss while maintaining lean mass or muscle. Our emphasis is on maintaining goal weight and living a healthier more vibrant life. Our many patients who have lost weight remark on the overall improvement of health and quality of life.  Pam Zimmerman,Regional Business Consultant for Ideal Protein and our dedicated Certified Ideal Protein Coaches Lori and Paula will assist in your personal transformation with private consultations for Ideal Protein. Click here for and

Lunch and Learn:
Dr. Zimmerman and Pam Zimmerman are available for Lunch and Learns at your place of business or work. The topics include a variety of health and wellness topics such as: Ergonomics, Stress Reduction, Adrenal Fatigue and Your Health, Sleeping Soundly, Detoxification Strategies, Workplace Safety and Ideal Protein Weight Loss . The presentations last from 15 minutes to 1 hour based on the time and needs of your employee interests. Call today to book your Lunch and Learn with Zimmerman Chiropractic Offices and Dr. Zimmerman or Pam Zimmerman.

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